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There's no Edwin Black Show on April 25; the next show, May 2, comes to you live from the March of the Living, where Edwin will be presenting a multi-event scholar in residence series at Auschwitz, and in Kraków, Warsaw, and Łódź. In the meantime, please have another look at the very first Vintage Boys Passover.

The Edwin Black Show is on hiatus on April 21 for Passover. Chag Pesach Sameach! from Edwin, Carol, and Team Black. We’ll be back on April 28 for the somber occasion of Yom HaShoah.

While we’re on hiatus, please enjoy this encore presentation of “The UAE–Israel–Bahrain Treaty“ (S1 E27).

The Vintage Boys are back for a special Passover edition. We’ll be debating the best whiskey and wine for the holiday as well as the usual holiday topics, while probing current events and history—both recent and ancient. BYOB. Next year in Jerusalem!