The Death of Journalism As We Knew It

In 2020, American Journalism—as we know it—finally died. It openly committed mediacide. The networks and newspapers pushed specific candidates, ignored and self-censored important news while magnifying small details and fake accusations, consciously pandered in bogus polls, and hyped divisive politics. It was the Pravdaization of the media. Tens of millions Americans, Democrats and Republicans, have just signed the death certificate, voting against big media and their pollsters. Democracy cannot exist without a free and vibrant press functioning as the permeable membrane between the governed and governance. What’s next? Seasoned media hands weigh in.

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Alex Traiman

Juda Engelmayer

Josh Block

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This could be the content for minute61, in which we touch on such things as the end of the Fairness Doctrine, the conversion of news operations from community service loss leaders to profit centers. This would also IMO be where things like Edwin's "Juneteenth Afterthought" goes. But we should check with Wes.

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