About the Show

Edwin Black
Edwin Black, the award-winning New York Times bestselling investigative author of IBM and the Holocaust, War Against the Weak, Financing the Flames, and more, examines frankly and without partisanship our fragmented world, our turbulent history, our tense present, and our evolving—and uncertain—future with expert guests and takes your questions from anywhere in the world. Nothing is off-limits on The Edwin Black Show.

Viewers can ask questions live via the Zoom Q&A or in advance via email to ask@theedwinblack.com. Sign up for alerts (for shows and when episodes are posted to YouTube) here.

The show is produced by a diverse and talented team of volunteers from London, Washington DC, New York, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, California, British Columbia, Serbia, Japan, and the Philippines.

After each episode, a much-enhanced and produced version is posted to the show’s YouTube Channel. If you’ve signed up for alerts, you’ll be notified when new episodes and bonus features are released.

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