William G. Anderson

Appears in these episodes:

Greenwood—the “Black Wall Street”—was a prosperous Black neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. White residents formed a mob on May 31, 1921, reacting to rumors of an assault. They murdered their Black neighbors, and looted and destroyed their homes and businesses in a veritable American pogrom.

Why was it forgotten until recently? What did it mean for America? Can it happen again—to anyone in this country?

Tulsa Historical Society Executive Director Michelle Place and civil rights leader Dr. William G. Anderson join Edwin.

Juneteenth.” Many Americans have never heard of Juneteenth—June 19th, a holiday of special significance to Americans of African Descent. Sometimes called the Black Fourth of July, its story should be compelling to all citizens of the US—not just to those who descend from former slaves. What is Juneteenth? How does this day affect all Americans in ways they might not imagine? Civil rights icon Dr. William Anderson, political commentator and entrepreneur Armstrong Williams, BET co-founder and philanthropist Robert Johnson, and entrepreneur and educator Dr. Iva Carruthers join Edwin for conversations on the history of emancipation and the current state of civil rights in the US.

COVID-19 is inflicting disproportionate illness and death on Americans of African descent. Why? What can America do about it? Civil rights icon and eminent physician William G. Anderson, D.O. and Oliver Brooks, M.D., president of the National Medical Association join Edwin.