The 2022 Midterms: America's Crisis Decision II

The United States stands at the political precipice as Democratic and Republican forces, along with their allied mass media, contend, cajole, and combine to confuse. The future of the nation is at stake. Fortunately, voices of clarity, including Democratic strategist Josh Block and crisis manager Juda Engelmayer, join Edwin to cut through the chaos. Part II.

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Before we get to the nuts and bolts of the midterms, Yael Lerman of StandWithUs will be spotlighting antisemitism in the legal profession and Ken Abramowitz will have a few words to say about the 2022 edition of The Multifront War.

A coalition of Berkeley Law School student groups has passed bylaws prohibiting “Zionist” (i.e., Jewish) speakers at their events. StandWithUs has found that half of the antisemitic groups are funded by major law firms. More on law firms from The Algemeiner.