Kenneth Abramowitz

Threat analyist; author, The Multifront War.

Appears in these episodes:

Edwin and special guest Ken Abramowitz join Chabad of USF for their Welcome-Back-to-Campus Shabbat, to include an insider briefing for students on Israel, the Hamas War, International Law, and Antisemitism.

The usual suspects—Joshua London, Jeff Morgan, Shel Freilich, Zalmi Unsdorfer, and Ken Abramowitz—are back to help Edwin welcome 2024. We’ll review the high and low points of the past year, share our hopes and goals for the coming year, and (as usual) advocate for the best beverages for the occasion while we explore pressing topics and fascinating history. Raise a glass with us!

Edwin Black presents
The Multifront War Against Israel and the West
the launch of the third edition of Kenneth Abramowitz’s The Multifront War.

Joining us will be UAE Rabbi Elie Abadie, IBSI CEO Pastor Dumisani Washington, JNS Jerusalem Bureau Chief Alex Traiman, Former US Rep. Trent Franks, EMET President Sarah Stern, Foreign Policy Analyst Josh Block, and PACC President Sharon Polsky.

Rayburn House Office Building Rm. 2043
Washington, DC
RSVP is required; see the invitation.

The usual suspects—Shel Freilich, Joshua London, Ken Abramowitz, Jeff Morgan, and Zalmi Unsdorfer—are back to help Edwin look back at 5783 and forward to 5784. They’ll be advocating for their favorite libations while exploring current events and ancient history. Join us as we welcome the new year!

Ken Abramowitz, author of The Multifront War, articulates the dire threats facing Israel in a special edition of the show recorded in Tel Aviv.

The Vintage Boys—Ken Abramowitz, Shel Freilich, Joshua London, Jeff Morgan, and Zalmi Unsdorfer—are back to help Edwin observe the Fourth of July. Join us as we toast the 247th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, accompanied by the usual reasoned discussions of current events, history, and the most appropriate libations for the occasion.

The usual suspects—Ken Abramowitz, Shel Freilich, Joshua London, Jeff Morgan, and Zalmi Unsdorfer—join Edwin for the usual reasoned deliberations on the best whiskies and wines for the occasion, as well as discussions of current events and history, both recent and ancient. Next year in Jerusalem!

Before the holiday discourse, we welcome special guest Holly Abernathy in Nashville.

The Vintage Boys—Ken Abramowitz, Sheldon Freilich, Joshua London, and Jeff Morgan (Zalmi couldn’t make it this time)—are back to help Edwin ring in 2023. We’ll review the high and low points of 2022, share our hopes and goals for 2023, and (as usual) argue over the best wine and whiskey for the occasion while probing current events and history both recent and ancient. BYOB.

The United States stands at the political precipice as Democratic and Republican forces, along with their allied mass media, contend, cajole, and combine to confuse. The future of the nation is at stake. Fortunately, voices of clarity, including Democratic strategist Josh Block and crisis manager Juda Engelmayer, join Edwin to cut through the chaos. Part II.

Ken Abramowitz and Save the West with the Gross Family Center present an evening of hard questions and straight answers on political antisemitism with Edwin Black.