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He sent American troops to Europe to fight in a needless war to “save the world for democracy,” ensured self-determination for colonized peoples, won the Nobel Peace Prize, re-segregated the US to “put Black people in their place,” uplifted the Klan, and then disappeared, his wife Edith acting as president. He—and she—changed the world forever. Who was Wilson? Historian Chris Lovett joins Edwin.

Pro-Palestinian activists, antisemitic politicians and celebrities, and other racist elements are coalescing into a diverse anti-Jewish and anti-Israel movement. Jewish locations are mapped and publicized, Berkeley Law School has nine “no-go” zones for pro-Israel speakers, synagogues are vandalized, and Jews are threatened and assaulted every day, coast to coast. The term “Zionist” is often a trigger for exclusion and retaliation. Is a new Kishinev, Farhud, or Kristallnacht coming to America? Holocaust education leader Yossie Hollander and eminent civil rights attorney Nathan Lewin join Edwin again for Part II of the discussion that nobody wants to have.

Greenwood—the “Black Wall Street”—was a prosperous Black neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. White residents formed a mob on May 31, 1921, reacting to rumors of an assault. They murdered their Black neighbors, and looted and destroyed their homes and businesses in a veritable American pogrom.

Why was it forgotten until recently? What did it mean for America? Can it happen again—to anyone in this country?

Tulsa Historical Society Executive Director Michelle Place and civil rights leader Dr. William G. Anderson join Edwin.